Students are advice by this information to meet the under listed lecturers as their Course Advisers.
                                                                                                                                 Course Advisers
Accounting/Finance Programme
1. Dr. Cletus O. Akenbor 100 LevelFB3 RM D3
2.Dr. Emmanuel S. Akpan200 LevelFB3 RM D1
3.Dr. Emmanuel N. Asien300 LevelFB3 RM D15
Econimics/ Development Studies Programme
1.Dr. A. Adelegan100 LevelFB3 RM A5
2.Dr. V. Oriavwote200 LevelFB3 RM A12
3.Dr. F. A. Oluleye300 Level FB3 RM D7
Political Science/ Strategic Studies Programme
1.Dr. Francis Chilaka 100 Level FB3 RM A13
2.Mr. John Kalama200 LevelFB3 RM 09
3.Dr. Love Arugu300 LevelFB3 RMA11
Sociology / Anthropology Programme

Dr. M. U. Ofoha &

Dr. J. Omoro

100 level

FB2 RM 102A &



Dr. R. Lasisi &

Dr. Ofili 

200 LevelFB3 RM C4
3.Dr. Evans Eze300 LevelFB3 RM C10 



        Dr. Evans Eze

        HOD Social Sciences