Associate Professor
Faculty Of Humanities & Social Sciences 
Department Of Social Sciences
Courses Taught
Research Interest
  • Imo State University Owerri, Owerri,Imo State. 2002-2008. Ph.D (Economics) 2008
  • University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. 1983-1984. M. Sc. (Economics) 1984
  • University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. 1978-1982.B. Sc. (Hons) Economics, Second Class Upper Division 1982
  • Bishop Lasbrey Teachers Training College, Owerri, Imo State.1976-1977.Teachers’ Grade II Certificate 1977
Professional Experience 
  • Assistant Research Officer (NYSC) ABU Zaria 1982-1983
  • Tutorial Master (Economics) University of Ibadan, Ibadan. 1983-1984
  • Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of Imo State on Economic Affairs.
  • Vice Chairman, Imo State Planning and Economic Development Commission (ISPEDC).
  • CEO Imo State Planning and Economic Development Commission
  • Chairman Budgeting, Budget Production and Budget Monitoring.
  • Chairman Production of First Imo SEEDS: Imo Tripod Vision: State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy.
  • Chairman Production of Imo State Statistical Year Book (SYB)2006
  • Chairman Production: First Imo State medium Term Budget Framework.
  • Chairman Production First Abridged version of Imo State Tripod vision SEED.
  • Chairman Production First Imo State Fiscal Strategy Document. 
  • Imo State Focal person for SEEDS benchmarking 2006
  • As Imo State planning and economic development committee Nov. 16, 2006 Dec. 17, 2006.
  • As special adviser economic affair; member of the committee to worked out the financial involvement and advised on the payment of 7,500Naira minimum wage to workers in Imo State, May 2007.
  • As Special Adviser economic affairs, I established and supervised budget monitory and price intelligence.
  • Associate Editor Journal of Business and Finance, FBA IMSU, 1995-Date.
  • Associate Editor Journal of Economics and Business Sciences. 2006- Date. 
  • Member Editorial Board Abuja International Journal of Education and Management Science 2010-Date.
  • Member Editorial Board Diamond Educational Magazine Abuja 2011-Date.
  • Member Editorial Board; African Journal of Social and Behaviourial Sciences
Professional And Honorary Society Memberships
  • FCAI ( Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria 2005
  • CPA (Member of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria 2006
  • ICAN Foundation & PE I (Two out of three level exams.)
  • Life Member, Nigeria Economic Society.
  • Member, Nigerian Association of Economics
  • Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria.
  • Member, Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria
  • Member, National Council on Development Planning NCDP (As a Special Adviser on Economic Affair) 2006-2007.
  • Member, Nigerian Joint Planning Board JPB(As a Special Adviser on Economic Affair) 2006-2007.
Major Recognitions and Honours
Selected Publications
Journal Articles
  • Nnamocha, P.N and M.A. Ofoma (1995) “Legislative and Regulatory Reforms in the Banking Industry: A Review of the Effects and Implications for further Reforms” Nigerian Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 1 No 4.
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Book Chapters
  • Nnamocha P.N. (1996). “Nigerian Fiscal Federalism” in Ndoh, C.A. and C.E. Emezi (ed). Citizenship Education; Charismatic Forum Publications LTD. Pp 142-158.
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Accepted for Publication
  • Nnamocha P.N. (2012) Budgeting and Budgetary Control The Nigerian’s Perspective in Agugua A.E. and H.O.R. Ogwuru eds Economic Policy in Nigeria. The State of Steady Path Growth”
  • Socio-Economic Dimension of KYOTO Protocol on Global Warming with Echeta, D.O.
  • Nnamocha, P.N. (2012) Issues in Regulation and Public Sector Accounting in Nigeria.
  • Nnamocha, P.N. (2012) Public Expenditure and Economic Development in Nigeria.
  • Nnamocha, P.N. (2012) Public Sector Economics and Finance.  
Conference and Workshops
Papers Presented:
  • Nnamocha, P.N. Budget, Budgetary Control and monitoring paper presented in a workshop on time management for senior officers in Imo State Civil Service. October 14-16, 2006.
  • Nnamocha, P.N. The artisan work-infrastructure and funding. The unserviceable work-infrastructure; auctioning, a monster, conduit pipe or a necessary evil. A workshop on maintenance culture in Imo State Judiciary.
  • Nnamocha, P.N. A framework for convergence of revenue collection. Paper presented in the first Imo State Taxation stakeholder’s consultative forum Imo Concorde Hotel. March 4-6, 2008.
  • Nnamocha, P.N.  Civil Society Agency and the (under) development of rural communities in Nigeria: the challenges and prospects in contemporary Ezi-East Community’’ a paper delivered to the Ezinihitte L.G.A. people sponsored by Izu Ummunna, an Apex socio-cultural civil society group that is concerned with re-awakening development consciousness in the L.G.A.
  • Nnamocha, P.N. The role of education in community development paper delivered to Amudi and Obizi people on Udi Day 2009 a cultural festival revival and youth focusing and development charting day, 30-31st December, 2009.
  • Nnamocha, P.N. Regulation and Certified Public Accounting in Nigeria: What are the Issues? Paper delivered to the Institute of Public Accountants of Nigeria for 2011 Mandatory Continuing Professional Training, 7th-8th Sept, 2011at Owerri, Imo State.