Oluleye, Francis Agboola, Ph.D

Associate Professor
Faculty Of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Department of Social Science
Courses Taught: Development Economics, Labour Economics,Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, Economics of Information, Operations Research, Financial Accounting, Financial Accounting Theory, Cost And Management Accounting, Auditing and Investigation, Financial Management and Investment Analysis

Email: [email protected]

Research Interest
  • Investigating the impediments to african economic development
  • Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA)
  • Ph.D (Economics)
  • M.Sc (Economics)
  • B.Sc (Economics) 
Professional Experience 
  • Financial and Corporate Audit
  • Professional and Academic Training
Professional And Honorary Society Memberships
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)
  • Nigerian Economic Society (NES)
  • Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (IPMN)
Major Recognitions and Honours
Selected Publications
Authored Books
  • Oluleye, F.A. (2010).Basic Facts About Examination (All You Need to Know About Examination), Benin city: Frans Agboola & Associates.
Contribution to Books
  • Oluleye, F.A. and Obi, K (2010). “National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) and the Seven-Point Agenda: Untarred Roads to Nigeria’s Economic Development”. In T. N. Sunday and T. Wuam (Eds), Governance and Economic Development in the Fourth Republic, pp 15 – 33, Department of History and Archaeology, Ibrahim Badamasi    Babangida, University, Lapai
  • Oluleye, F.A (2008): “External Debt, Debt Relief and Sustainable Economic Development”. In V.O. Aghayere, F.E. Iyoha, S.A. Idahosa, W.E.Herbert, A.B. Amadasun and R.U.P. Idemudia (eds), Nigeria Political Economy & Sustainable Development, pp 197 – 208, Centre for Development Integration in Africa (CDIA), Benin city
  • Oluleye, F.A. (2008). “The Imperative For The Sustenance of The Implementing Agencies of NEEDS”. In S.A.Idahosa and S. Guobadia (Eds), Socio-Economic Reforms in Nigeria, pp 553 – 578, Benin city : Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Benson Idahosa University
  • Oluleye, F.A. and Tasie-Orlu, G.( 2008). National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy:  Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction. In S.A.Idahosa and S. Guobadia (eds), Socio-Economic Reforms in Nigeria, pp 579 – 606, Benin city : Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Benson Idahosa University
  • Oluleye, F.A. (2005). “Deregulating an Economy: The Theoretical Perspective”. In A.S. Akpotor, M.E. Omohan, B.O. Iganiga, O.M. Aigbokhaevbolo and A.O. Afolabi (eds), Deregulation and Globalisation in Nigeria – Issues and Perspectives, pp 13 – 33, Ekpoma, Ambrose Alli University Publishing House
  • Oluleye, F. A. (2009).“Regulatory Environment of Business in Nigeria” in B.A. Agbonifoh (ed), Fundamentals of Business in Nigeria (Accepted but not yet published)
Published Journal Articles
  • Oluleye, F.A. and Obi, K(2011): “Effectiveness and Constraints of Promoting Entreprenuership for the Growth and Development of African Economy”, Journal of Science and Management, Vol.1 (1), August, pp. 46- 50
  • Oluleye, F.A.(2011): “Developing the African Economy: The Challenge of Infrastructures”, Journal of Science and Management, Vol.1 (1), August, pp. 41- 45
  • Oluleye, F. A. and Oyetayo, O. (2011) “Raw Materials Development and Utilization in Nigeria: Promoting Effective Linkage Between R&D and SMEs For Economic Growth and Development”,The International Journal of Entrepreneurial Studies, Vol. 4 no 1, April, pp 145 – 167, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Oluleye, F.A.(2011): “Reward Economics and Organization: The Issue of Effectiveness”, African Journal of Business Management Vol.5 (4), February, pp. 1115-1123, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Oluleye, F.A. and Asemota, G(2009): “Appropriate Economics Curriculum for National Growth and Development” Knowledge Review, volume 19 no 1, December, pp 107 – 114, Benin city, Nigeria
  • Oluleye, F.A. (2008): “The Economics of Cooperative Practice (Nigeria in Perspective)”, Ekpoma Journal of Behavioural Sciences, volume 1 no 2, pp 1 – 22, Ekpoma, Nigeria
  • Oluleye, F.A. (2005):“Unemployment and Inflation: An Empirical Investigation of the Validity of Philips’ Relation in Nigeria”, Nigeria Journal of Monetary Economics (NJOME), volume 5, Nos 4 and 5, April, pp 104 – 117, Portharcourt, Nigeria
  • Oluleye, F. A. (2004): “National Economy and Economic Self – Reliance” , BIU Journal of Social and Management Sciences, volume 2, No 1 June, pp 231 – 248, Benin city, Nigeria