Brief History of the Department

Economics and Development Studies is one of the pioneer programmes in the University. It started as a programme in the Department of Social Science in the then Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Other programmes in the Department of Social Science were Accounting and Finance, Political Science and Sociology and Anthropology. The Department was headed by Dr. Evans Eze. In December, 2014, Faculty of Management Sciences was created and the Accounting and Finance programme was transferred from the Department of Social Science in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to the Faculty of Management Sciences.

However, in February, 2016, each of the remaining three programmes in the Department of Social Science became full-fledged Department and the Department of Social Science then seized to exist. With this development, Dr. Abiodun E. Adelegan was appointed the pioneer Ag. Head of Department of Economics and Development Studies. He held this position till October (2016) when Dr. (now Prof.) Francis A. Oluleye was appointed to take over from him. Dr. Oluleye held this position till July, 2020 when Dr, Anthony Abraham took over from him. The incumbent Ag. Head of the Department, Dr. Victor Oriavwote took over from Dr. Abraham in September, 2021.

The Department has grown significantly numerically from a population of thirteen (13) students at inception in 2012/2013 academic session to over four hundred (400) students in the current session, 2020/2021. The academic staff strength has also grown from four (4) full time staff to nineteen (19) full time academic staff. The Department has, over the years, recorded some significant achievements including the institution of a Departmental journal, Ye-Numu Journal of Economic and Development Issues (YJEDI). As part of the Department’s contribution to postgraduate education in the University, nation and globe, the Department runs Postgraduate Diploma in Economics, Master of Science degree in Economics, Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) degree in Economics and Doctor of Philosophy degree in Economics.

Staff list in the Department

1.Prof. Francis A. OluleyeFull timeEconomic Theory, Development and Quantitative Economics
2.Dr. Erherierhorho V. OriavwoteFull timeMonetary and Quantitative Economics
3.Dr. Abiodun E. AdeleganFull timeMonetary, Energy and Environmental Economics
4.Dr. Anthony AbrahamFull timeEconomic Theory and Monetary Economics
5.Dr. Purumaziba O. J. YousuoFull timeQuantitative, Development, Public Sector and International Economics
6.Mr. Innocent O. AzebiFull timeDevelopment Economics, International Economics and Health Economics
7.Dr. Harrison O. EromoseleFull timeDevelopment and International Economics
8.Mr. Zacchaeus KunemoemiFull timePetroleum and Energy Economics
9.Ms Nyaluaziba S. ItesiFull timeIndustrial, Environmental and Agricultural Economics
10.Mr. Alex O. KoginamFull timeDevelopment and Quantitative Economics
11.Mr. Emmanuel OtuFull timeEconomic Theory and Monetary Economics
12.Ms Esther O. BakerFull timeMonetary and Labour Economics
13.Mr.Ikechukwu J.OkparaFull timeDevelopment Economics
14.Mr. Bossuo C. NestorFull timeDevelopment and Economic Theory
15.Mr.Julius AtamenwanFull timeMonetary and Quantitative Economics
16.Mr. Esian J. AyaoweiFull timeMonetary and Quantitative Economics
17.Prof. Peter C.EgbonAdjunctEconomic Theory, Public Sector and Quantitative Economics
18.Dr. Ahamefula IkwumezieAdjunctIndustrial Economics
19.Dr. Davis OjimaSabbaticalFinancial and Public Sector Economics