HOD’s Welcome Message

The Department of Arts Education is characterized by a strong sense of collaboration and enthusiasm for our programmes and students. Members of the Department have an excellent working relationship, which is extended to staff from other departments and to those teaching at other faculties in the University. The main aim of the department is to achieve the highest possible standards for all students. We hope that the work they do in the Arts is enjoyed and we strive to ensure that our curriculum offers a rich and diverse range of learning experiences.

Comprehensive information on the Department is contained in the departmental handbook which is designed as an informative document for a number of audiences – departmental personnel, the Dean of Faculty, the Vice Chancellor, Visitors and prospective lecturers, should they wish to know more about the Department. It provides these audiences with the information they need to guide them through the policies and practice of the Arts Education Department at the Federal University, Otuoke. It is also designed to offer helpful advice to colleagues, as well as outlining their main teaching responsibilities. It is therefore important that colleagues within the Arts Education Department, and those associated with it, are familiar with its contents and adhere to them at all times. It should be read in conjunction with other documents within the department (such as: schemes of work, examination specifications, National Curriculum and the Federal University, Otuoke, Lecturers’ Handbook), all of which form a complete picture of the current practice and the expectations and responsibilities of a lecturer in the Arts Education Department, Federal University, Otuoke.

We perceive ourselves as a team, where each member enriches the Department by his/her own contributions, strength and experience. It is this sense of teamwork and willingness that enables us to face the challenges of teaching with confidence and enthusiasm. Welcome to the Arts Education team.


The Faculty of Education, Federal University, Otuoke, was established in August, 2016, with three Departments, namely, Arts, Business and Science Education. The Department of Arts Education has one programme, namely, History Education. The Department commenced with a population of 55 students with Dr. Fellina Nwadike as the pioneer Head of Department.  Dr. Bodisere Juliet Teibowei, Mr. James Onukwu and as academic staff; and Mr. Makbere Asueni Bob as Administrative Assistant. Dr. Bodisere Juliet Teibowei became Coordinator of the Department in March, 2017, Prof. Anyamebo K.  Okorosaye-Orubite became Head of Department in May, 2019 while Dr. Bodisere Juliet Teibowei took over as Coordinator from 2019-date. Admission of students in the 2017/18 session was 66, 90 in 2018/ 19, 97 in 2019/20 and 85 raising the population of students to a total of 393 in the 2020/21 academic session. The present staff strength is 13 academic (Tenure), 10 from servicing department (teaching) and 4 non-academic staff.




Name of  Staff

Area of Specialization

Present Rank/Status


Osarome Tawari

Educational Administration



Jeremiah Samuel

Curriculum Studies

Ass. Prof.


Jordan K. Obara

Curriculum Studies/Teacher Education

Ass. Prof.


Ruby E. Ofrey

Educational Management

Senior Lecturer


Memory Queensoap

Measurement & Evaluation

Senior Lecturer


Owede Kosioma

 Adult Education

Senior Lecturer


Chinyere C. Oko-Jaja

Educational Management

Lecturer I


Bodisere J. Teibowei

Psychology, Guidance and Counselling

Lecturer I


Theresa B. Osusu

Measurement and Evaluation

Lecturer 1


James N. Onukwu

Educational Administration

Lecturer 11


Ikechukwu Okafor

Adult Education

Lecturer 11


Anthony C. Nweyilobu

Sociology of Education

Lecturer 11


Dei Godspower

Adult Education

Assistant Lecurer