The Office of Institutional Advancement

The purpose of the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) is to articulate, promote and advance the mission, vision and core values of Federal University Otuoke to its various constituencies and the general public.
The office seeks to build strong support and lasting relationships with the University’s stakeholders including students, alumni, parents, friends, industry leaders, community leaders, governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations and institutions. 
It solicits, facilitates and encourages philanthropy, financial and other support for the maintenance and enhancement of the University’s capacity to fulfill its mission and vision through private gifts, grants, scholarships, fellowships, endowments, contracts, as well as federal and state appropriations. Non-financial assistance includes in the wider sense of an active understanding and appreciation of and support for the University.
OIA performs its functions primarily by 
  • Organizing and managing fundraising events, 
  • Developing and sustaining alumni, community, government and public relations, 
  • Developing and sustaining corporate partnerships, and 
  • Marketing through brand management, advertising, trade shows, etc.
The Office of Institutional Advancement is structured operationally along three concentric circles of influence, namely, 
  • Local or regional – with focus on the University’s immediate environ and the Niger Delta region, 
  • National – with focus on Nigeria as a whole, and
  • International – with focus on outside of Nigeria.


Room 102, Vice Chancellor’s Annex,

400 University Boulevard, Otuoke,

P.M.B. 126,


Bayelsa State.

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: 234-814-006-1700