History of the Department

The accounting programme is one of pioneer academic programmes offered by the Federal University, Otuoke. The programme was initially domiciled in the Department of Social Sciences as a temporary measure for administrative convenience. During the 2015/2016 academic session, it became a full-fledged department. The department offers a four-year programme of study on a full-time basis leading to the award of the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in accounting.


The philosophy of the accounting programme is to train and prepare students for the many career options available in the accounting profession. The programme is aimed at developing graduates who are capable of handling current and future accounting, auditing, taxation issues in private and public institutions and other sectors of the economy. It is aimed at developing in students the competence and creativity for establishing and running their own professional firms to render public accounting services and tax consultancy as entrepreneurs.


The programme is aimed at:

  1. Training students to be self-reliant in the field of accounting, auditing and taxation
  2. Producing students who are adequately prepared for postgraduate work
  3. Producing accountants who can readily impact their knowledge to students at lower levels of education
  4. Developing self-confidence in handling problems associated with accounting function with minimal supervision.
  5. Training students to develop confidence in appreciating and solving problems in accounting, auditing and taxation.

Staff list in the Department

1. Prof. Cletus O. Akenbor Tenure Management Accounting Oil and Gas Accounting Taxation
2. Dr. Ifeanyi Madumere Tenure Forensic Accounting Auditing
3. Dr. James K. Oyadonghan Tenure Financial Reporting Investment Analysis
4. Dr. Etumudon N. Asien Tenure International Accounting Capital Market
5. Dr. Uche T. Agburuga Tenure Public Sector Accounting Financial Accounting  
6. Mr. Lawrence U. Egbadju Tenure Financial Reporting Taxation
7. Dr. John C. Onwuchekwa Tenure Corporate Reporting Executorship and Bankruptcy
8. Dr. Baratuaipre J. Robert Tenure Financial Accounting Corporate Governance
9. Mr. Erorogha A. Yikaregbogha Tenure  
10. Dr. Emmanuel O. Korolo Tenure Corporate Reporting Management Accounting  
11. Dr. (Mrs.) Akuboere S. Korolo Tenure Management Accounting Oil and Gas Accounting
12. Mr. Pereowei A. Gboriyo Tenure Cost Accounting Financial Accounting
13. Dr. Oaladiza Princess Abah-Marcus Tenure Accounting Ethics Forensic Accounting
14. Miss Joy Ochuole Odey Tenure Public Sector Accounting Auditing and Investigation
15. Ms. Opuirobo Faith Edward Tenure Accounting information systems, Auditing, Management Accounting
16. Mr. Duenize Freeborn MOSO Tenure Financial Reporting and Taxation
17. Prof. Meshach S. Ifurueze Adjunct Cost Accounting Management Accounting
18. Dr. Gospel Chukwu Adjunct Financial Accounting Corporate Reporting