History of the Department

Science Education programmes commenced in the 2016/2017 Academic year with an initial student population of 97  with the appointment of Dr. Akens-Hamilton Amachree as the pioneer Ag. Head of Department. Dr. Tamunosisi Mac Pepple took over leadership in 2018/2019 session and in 2019/2020 Dr. Olufunso Olumide Abosede took the mantle of leadership till September 2021 with the appointment of the current Ag. Head of Department. Science Education have education-oriented lecturers with adequate techniques and methods to impact knowledge.

The Department is designed to run programmes in the field of Computer Science Education, Basic Science Education, Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education and Physics Education. Presently, a 4-year programme that leads to the award of a B. Sc (Ed.) degree in Chemistry Education, Physics Education, Mathematics Education is on board. The Department has since steadily progressed in staffing, student enrolment profile, facility acquisition and many other factors that create enabling environment for academic excellence. This has improved synergy among the students and Lecturers which has helped also to improved academic excellence.

Science Education entails a wide range of quality courses, enough to inculcate the required prerequisite knowledge on the student and build them to become efficient and effective teachers in junior and senior secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions.

Staff list in the Department

S/NO. Name


Area of specialization

Dr. ( Mrs.) Nateinyin, J. Akporehwe

Tenure Science Education(Biology)
2 Dr. Isaac B. Ado Tenure Mathematics Education
3 Dr.(Mrs) Ibebiete T. Offor Tenure Measurement and Evaluation
4 Dr. Fiepre C.Y. Aprebo  Tenure  Mathematics Education
5 Dr. (Mrs.) Foluke B.Eze Tenure Mathematics Educations
6 Dr. Obinna C. Nkweke Tenure Educational Technology
7 Mr. Ibezhinim C.Imo Tenure

Vocatonal  Technolgy Education

8 Prof.  Cecil  J.Buseri Contract

Science Education (Biology)


Prof. Dike H. Ibe


Educational Technology

10 Dr.( Mrs) Abosede, A.O Mumuni Contract Science Education (Biology)