Dr. Ebi Flora Okenema

I am a lecturer in the department of Business Education, Federal University Otuoke,  I am a B.ED degree holder in Business Education,  Master degree in educational management, planning option and a Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) in educational management,  planning option. I have a high level of interest in research therefore,  I dedicate my time to unravel complex problems and advance for solutions.  My interest in the academic field is centered around the wholesomness of man through the business world. A seasoned professional, an expert in creating a conducive environment for Learning, have drive therefore, strive to attain quantitative and qualitative educational standards among Lecturers and students in the university. Always dedicated, humble, outspoken, flexible, innovative, diligent to duties, teachable, well organised, ready to serve. Beyond the school setting, I actively focus on the girl child education to bring her to the reality of life advocating for consciousness from childhood to motherhood.

Entrepreneurship and Educational Management

okenemae@[email protected]