Dr. Merosobo Lawon-Ikuru


Dr. Merosobo Lawson-Ikuru is a linguist with research interests in the description and documentation of indigenous languages, Lexicography and Corpus Linguistics. She has worked on the Phonology (Sound System) of the Ogbia langauge and has published papers and book chapters in the description of Ogbia in academic journals. She is recently working on the orthography (Writing System) of the Ogbia language. She has attended conferences on Linguistics in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

She has also attended a summer school on Documentary Linguistics in Rabat Morocco on the sponsorship of the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, School of African and Oriental Studies London. As Deputy Director of the Centre for Niger Delta Studies and Sustainability (CNDSS), she has made proposals on the development and standardization of orthographies of languages in Bayelsa State and also on the production of a Bilingual Dictionary for Ogbia/English.

She has taught in the higher institution for over 10 years and gets herself involved in community services by promoting the Ogbia Language on Facebook. Dr. Merosobo is also a healthy food eating advocate and believes that academics should indulge in healthy living. She currently a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, Federal University Otuoke.

University email: [email protected]

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