Brief Profile

Dr. Morufu Olalekan Raimi (MNES, REHO, LEHO, FAIWMES) is a lecturer at Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, specializing in Environmental Management and Toxicology. He is actively engaged in academia, research, and environmental management, serving as Country Coordinator for the Global Research Institute and Training Centre and South-South Zonal Team Lead for the Civil Alliance for Climate Protection and Education (CACPE). Additionally, he is a Fellow and State Representative of the Africa Institute of Waste Management and Environmental Studies in Bayelsa State. Dr. Raimi’s global affiliations include memberships with SSP, ACSE, and SETAC. He also works as a research consultant at the Bayelsa State Primary Health Care Board and advises on groundwater resources for the UNECE Expert Group on Resources Management. Dr. Raimi is committed to mentorship, serving as a mentor for SSP USA and a National Science Foundation Mentor at Howard University. His previous roles include Director of Advocacy, Communication, and Social Mobilization, and Technical Advisor to the Executive Secretary at the Bayelsa State Primary Health Care Board.


Environmental Epidemiology, Health Economics, Pollution Control Management, Hydro geochemistry, Groundwater Pollution, Groundwater Quality, Health Risk Assessment, Water Pollution and Management, Water and Gender, Chemicals & Health, Environmental Public Health Policy & Practice, Environmental Justice & Health Equity, Noise & Health,  Carbon Accounting Services, Environmental & Health Impact Assessments, Community based participatory Research, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Oil Spills Clean up and Remediation, Environmental Toxicology & Health, Emissions Control and Respiratory Protection.


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