Dr. Nkweke Obinna Chukwulenwa

Dr. Nkweke is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Science Education, Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Dr. Nkweke has a Bachelor Degree in Educational Technology and Curriculum Studies, Masters’ Degree in Educational Technology, and completed his Ph.D. in Educational Technology at the University of Port Harcourt where he learned:

– Applications of educational technology principles in problem solving in science and technology education –

-Advanced instructional design research and practices

– Design and development of key skills in further applications of educational technology and ICT, in designing workable deliverables in the work place

– Applications of educational information and engineering technology techniques in problem-solving in science and technology education

– Multimedia integration and information science

– Educational telecommunication (line transmission and amplification)

– Application of systems engineering principles in instructional delivery and problem solving in education science, industrial education and training programme in oil and non-oil industries

– Design and production of varieties of instructional materials including industrial training materials

– Applications of industrial educational technology and industrial engineering principles in product design and development, production and project management, needs analysis, performance analysis; programme and product evaluation

– Human resources development in business and industry

– Ergonomical considerations in the design of educational & industrial systems

In addition to the above, he attended:

– International Computer Driving License (ICDL) training programme at Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku, Rivers State in 2020, and successfully completed the following modules: Presentation, ICT in Education, online collaboration, and ICT security.

– Digital Bridge Institute (International communication studies) programme on advanced digital appreciation programme -tertiary (ADAPT) training

– Industrial attachment at Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Port Harcourt in 1998, where he trained to obtain practical experiences in electromagnetic process of sign signal transmission, operations in: Engineering division, news division and programme division. Others are: Video production, film editing, VHS operations, etc.

– Industrial attachment at Rivers State Broadcasting Corporation, Port Harcourt in 1998 and for practical experiences in: Organogramme of the Rivers State broadcasting corporation, identification and practical studies in power systems and machines used for current and electronics signal transmission, principles of radio and line transmission, Radio Rivers broadcasting chain, powering the Radio Rivers F.M. transmitting equipment/control panel operations, stages of communication, technical composition of domestic radio receiver including outside broadcasting F.M services (OB-Van) general operations: Procedures and facilities used, technical drawings of electronic equipment for more detail understanding of their technical composition; and other general routines in the Radio Rivers 2 F. M. studio; links in engineering rooms including main transmitting station at Elenlenwo.

Dr.Nkweke is a member of: Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), Educational Communication and Technology Association, World Educators Forum, National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK), Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology, Council of Ogba Academics, and National Association of Teachers and Researchers in English as a Second Language (NATRESL).

He undertakes instructional delivery in: Educational Technology, History & Philosophy of Science Education, ICT in Education, Principles of Science Education and Introduction to Science Education.

Research Interest:

– Application of educational technologies in science and technology education

– Instructional Design of educational and industrial training programme

– Application of educational information & engineering technologies /ICT in problem solving in science and technology education

– Society, science and technology

– Human resources development in business and industry

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