Dr. Thomas Ohwofasa Ikpesu

Brief Profile

Dr. Thomas, Ohwofasa Ikpesu is a certified toxicologist whose major research themes include risk assessment of environmental contaminants and ecosystem health; pesticides, heavy metals, and surfactants bioavailability in environments and biological media.

The following are some of his research interests: a mechanistic study of chemicals by determining the oxidative stress, neurological stress, and endocrine disruption in living systems using various fishes as models, depuration of pollutants using natural phenomena, the toxicity of metals, and biomagnification of organic pollutants as they progress through the trophic level, Environmental stream ecotoxicology, environmental education, the use of remote sensing to assess the environmental quality, bioassays of various chemical substances in aquatic ecosystems, the restoration and recovery of damaged ecosystems, and the population dynamics of aquatic ecosystems. Currently, at the Federal University Otuoke.

He has provided his services as an external examiner at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology. The author of more than 45 publications, including journal papers in prominent national and international journals. Dr. Ikpesu has a strong track record. He is more broadly engaged in research techniques, which include qualitative approaches, inter-disciplinary research, and ethical considerations, among other things.




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