Welcome to Faculty of Engineering, Federal University Otuoke. We look forward to possibilities ahead seeking our mission to the frontiers.

Our Mission

To produce modern high-tech Engineers for sustainable development in Nigeria and beyond. To attract scholars, establish good academic relationship with other Universities and to be a centre of excellence and of best practices in Engineering.

Our Vision

One of the foremost Faculties of Engineering in Nigerian Universities where the frontier of Engineering is advanced by the production of professional Engineers required in a fast-growing global economy and the industrialization of Nigeria.

Our Philosophy

To produce engineering graduates with high academic standards and adequate practical experience that would function effectively in government and industry.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the programmes in the Faculty of Engineering are:

To give a balanced engineering training suitable for a developing economy.

To enable the student to master the basics in engineering analysis and design.

To enhance practical application of engineering association with industries.

To take full advantage of the global information network through the Internet and by using the concept of the “virtual” university.

Federal University Otuoke (FUO), is one of the nine new Federal Universities established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in February 2011.  Located in the heart of the oil-rich Niger-Delta Region of Bayelsa State.

In 2016, Faculty of Engineering was approved and we commenced fully with highly qualified and experience academic and non-academic staff.

Our classrooms, Workshops and laboratories are well-appointed and even expanding, to enable teaching, learning and research in the most conducive environment.


Prof. Steven Nwabuzor                          –                       2016 – 2018

Engr. Prof. Awajiogak Ujile                     –                        2018 – 2019

Engr. Prof. Howells Hart                        –                        2019 – 2021

Engr. Prof. Scott  Bernard Akpila          –                        2021 – Till Date

The current Heads of Department are:

  1. Department of Chemical Engineering(Engr.  Prof Agarry Samuel –  Head of Department)
  2. Department of Civil Engineering(Engr. Prof. Samuel Ejezie – Head of Department)
  3. Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering(Engr. Prof. Emeritus Adekola Sulaiman – Head of Department )
  4. Department of Mechanical Engineering(Engr. Prof. Samual Dau Zibokere – Head of Department )
  5. Department of Mechatronic Engineering(Engr. Prof. Samual Dau Zibokere – Head of Department )
  6. Department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering(Engr. Prof. Adewale Dosumu – Head of Department)