Engr. Adaka Wilfred Oro-Oghene

Highly motivated Biochemical Engineer with a foundation in process engineering principles and a Master’s degree in Process Engineering. Possesses a strong interest in applying biochemical engineering concepts to environmental challenges, particularly bioremediation and bioaugmentation. Eager to leverage process design and optimization skills to develop and implement sustainable solutions for environmental cleanup.

  • Process Engineering: Unit operations, reactor design and optimization, process simulation and control, economic evaluation
  • Biochemical Engineering: Bioreaction kinetics, microbial growth and metabolism, bioprocess design and scale-up
  • Microbiology: Basic understanding of microbial physiology and biodegradation pathways
  • Environmental Engineering: Familiarity with water and wastewater treatment principles, contaminant analysis methods
  • Research & Development: Proficient in experimental design, data analysis, and scientific writing
  • Analytical Skills: Experience with laboratory techniques for bioprocess monitoring and basic contaminant analysis
  • Master of Science in Process Engineering (2010) – (University of Lagos)
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (2007) – (University of Lagos)
  • (Mentoring Students on Relevant Research Projects on Pyrolysis and Co-digedtion processes, bioremediation,
  • Internships, at Hyprep. Where I gained further insight in helping to restore and revitalize communities impacted by hydrocarbon pollution, with a primary focus on the Ogoniland region in Nigeria.
  • Creating a nitch for Chemical Engineering Undergraduate in the Use of Software for addressing Chemical Engineering challenges and harnessing skillset early in students.
  • Development of novel bioremediation technologies for emerging environmental contaminants.
  • Optimizing bioaugmentation strategies to accelerate natural attenuation processes.
  • Application of process engineering principles to design efficient and sustainable bioremediation systems.
  • Life cycle assessment of bioremediation technologies to ensure environmental and economic viability.

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