The Faculty of Education is characterised by a strong sense of collaboration and enthusiasm for the success of our programmes and our students; and, for the general development of our country and humanity. Members of the Faculty have an excellent working relationship, which is extended to staff from other Faculties and to those teaching at other faculties in the University. The main aim of the Faculty is to achieve the highest possible standards for all students. We hope that the work they do in the Faculty is enjoyed and we strive to ensure that our curriculum offers a rich and diverse range of learning experiences.

We perceive ourselves as a team, where each member enriches the Faculty by his/her own contributions, strength and experience. It is this sense of teamwork and willingness that enables us to face the challenges of teaching, research and community service with confidence and enthusiasm. We welcome everyone to the Faculty of Education, the reason for every university.

The Faculty aspires to produce of graduates who are soundly trained in the teaching profession and can bring such training to bear in whatever roles they may be called upon to play in national development. The combined Honours Degree programmes available in the various departments cater for diverse academic interests of students and prepares them for teaching in a variety of job situations, including Research, Management and other professional work in both public and private sectors.

The Faculty of Education was established by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Seth Accra Jaja, on July, 2016. It comprises of  the following Departments: Arts Education, Business Education and Science Education respectively.