Brief History of the Department

The Department of Chemistry (formerly Chemical Sciences) is one of the foundation Departments of the Federal University Otuoke, established in the Faculty of Science in 2011 with a total of seventeen pioneer students and four Academic Staff. The Department has since steadily progressed in staffing, student enrolment profile, facility acquisition and many other factors that create enabling environment for academic excellence. Currently, there twenty-three (23) academic staff, fifteen (15) technical staff and six (6) administrative staff. The Department is presently running a 4-year programme that leads to the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. The pioneer HOD was Professor I.M. Adekunle who handed over to Dr. S.A. Uzoekwe in October 2015. The current Head of Department, Dr Olufunso Abosede took over the leadership of the Department with effect from September 14, 2021.

The BSc. Chemistry programme in the Department of Chemistry offers traditional sub-disciplines of chemistry namely organic, inorganic, physical, industrial, analytical and environmental chemistry. Being located in the Niger Delta Region, the Department also offers petroleum chemistry and in line with global demands in pollution reduction at source for eco-solution, the Department offers green chemistry.

Staff list in the Department

1.Prof. (Mrs.) Iheoma. M. ADEKUNLETenureAnalytical-Environmental Chemistry
2.Prof. Eno O. EKANEMTenureAnalytical Chemistry
3.Prof. Donbebe WankasiAdjunctIndustrial Chemistry
4.Prof. Azibaola. K.  InengiteAdjunctAnalytical-Environmental Chemistry
5.Prof. Stephen A. UZOEKWETenureAnalytical-Environmental Chemistry
6.Dr. (Mrs.) Akens HAMILTON-AMACHREETenureIndustrial-Organic Chemistry
7.Dr. Olufunso O. ABOSEDETenureInorganic Chemistry
8.Dr. Nkem B. IROHATenurePhysical Chemistry
9.Dr. Richard A. UKPETenureAnalytical-Environmental Chemistry
10.Dr. Augustine A. CHOKORTenureAnalytical-Environmental
11.Dr. Taye T. ALAWODETenureOrganic Chemistry
12.Dr. Babatunde T. OGUNYEMITenurePhysical Chemistry
13.Dr. Paschal O. INIAGHETenureAnalytical-Environmental
14.Dr. Ogunyemi O. ODERINLOTenureOrganic Chemistry
15.Dr. Melford C EGBUJORTenureOrganic Chemistry
16.Dr. Isaac U. ISAACTenureAnalytical-Environmental
17.Mr. Edet O. ODOKWOTenureOrganic Chemistry
18.Mr. Afeez T. GBAJABIAMILATenureIndustrial Chemistry
19.Mr. Anthony A. SANGOREMITenureAnalytical Chemistry
20.Ms Nancy A. MADUEKETenureIndustrial Analytical
21.Mr. Chimere EZEKWETenureEnvironmental Chemistry
22.Mr. Kerian DIMGBATenureEnvironmental Chemistry
23.Mr. Victor U. JIBUNORTenure

Analytical Chemistry