Brief History of the Department

The Department of Microbiology sprang up from Biological Sciences in October, 2015. Biological Sciences being one of the pioneer Departments during the official commencement of full academic activities at the Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, in September 2012. The Department is located on the left wing of the Faculty of Science building. The first Head of Department was late Professor Charles A. Negbenebor, the past immediate was Dr. Okwena J. Pondei while the current Head of Department is Dr. Ifeoma V. Anyiam.

The Department’s laboratories are significantly equipped, adequately manned by career Technologist and technical staff, who attend to students during laboratory session/ practical classes and guide them on the use of relevant equipment. The Departmental library is of modern standard and adequately updated with current facts and educational materials. The Department holds promise for expansion with more facilities resources/ and higher degree programs in no distant time.

Staff list in the Department

1Prof. Teddy C. AdiasTenureImmuno-Haematology
2.Dr. (Mrs) Ifeoma V. AnyiamTenureBacteriology and Molecular Microbiology
3.Dr. (Mrs) Juliana O. PondeiTenureBioremediation and Waste Management
4.Dr. (Mrs) Christiana N. OparaTenureFood Safety and Molecular Biology
5.Dr. (Mrs) Adenike B. AriyoTenurePollution Control and Food Safety
6.Dr. Michael A. AladeseTenureMolecular Epidemiology
7.Dr. Douye V. ZigeTenureBacteriology
8.Mr. Christian K. AnumuduTenureFood Microbiology and Safety
9.Mrs. Edoama E. GbodoTenureMedical Microbiology and Public Health
10.Mrs. Faith I. OmejeTenureEnvironmental and Public Health Microbiology
11.Miss Awengi AlabereTenureFermentation Technology
12.Prof. (Mrs) Omokaro ObireSabbaticalEnvironmental Pollution Control and Microbial Diversity Studies
13.Prof. (Mrs) Ifeoma A. C. MbachuSabbaticalEnvironmental/ Industrial Microbiology
14.Prof. David N. OgbonnaAdjunctWaste Management
15.Prof. Kemka H. OgbondaAdjunctFood and Industrial Microbiology
16.Prof. Ebimieowei EtebuAdjunctMicrobial Molecular and Diversity Studies
17.Dr. Lovet T. KigighaContractPetroleum Microbiology