In a combined matriculation ceremony which took place on Friday, April 28, 2023 at the East Campus, the Federal University Otuoke admitted 5,846 students for the 2020/2021 and 2022/2023 academic sessions.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Teddy Charles Adias in his speech welcomed the families of the matriculating students to the 11th Matriculation ceremony of the University, adding that matriculation marks the formal admission of candidates into the University. He congratulated the students for the oath that grants them the full rights to studentship of the University.

The VC urged the students to embrace the privilege of attaining membership of the University that it deserves by justifying their selection out of thousands who competed for membership of the University which they represent.


11th Matriculation VC AAccording to him, “It is on record that in 2020/2021 academic session, a total of 4,156 candidates applied for studentship of our University. Of this number, only 2,727 were offered admissions. In the same vein, in 2022/2023 academic session, a total of 9,477 applied for studentship of our University. Again, of this number, 3,119 were offered admissions. And so, you represent this quota. I therefore congratulate you.”


Professor Adias, however, warned that the rights and privileges being granted the students in the matriculation ceremony could be withheld if their conducts are found inimical to the integrity and interest of the University. “We have put together few days ago a campus orientation exercise in which you are acquainted with the ideals, fundamental principles, norms and cultures of our institution, including the core values that have projected the image of this University as a centre for gaining theoretical knowledge and acquiring skills like character moulding. You are expected to abide by all the rules and regulations of this institution as you are taught in the orientation exercise,” he emphasized.


The VC harped on the need for Muslim students who gained admission in the 11th Matriculation into FUO to consult their Quran and proclaim the Turat which lays emphasis on the oneness of Allah. As for Christians, he  enjoined them to always abide by the tenets of the Bible.

 “But behind all this, is the Students Handbook, which you will be offered a copy after today. You must meditate on it on daily basis and seek clarifications on areas in which you are finding difficult to understand. You must attend lectures, you must participate in campus  exercises; and you must write your examinations. You must familiarize yourself with all other policies, especially on issues of timely payment of fees and completion of processes within the student’s life circle management of our University,” Professor Adias said.

He further advised the matriculating students to be friends with the ICT Unit of the University, study hard and make use of the very significant e-Library facilities. “Today we celebrate that we have Internet Hotspots in the East Campus and the West Campus of our University and they are available for you to use for free. What is required is for you to move to the ICT Unit of our University and be assigned a protocol for you to login,” the VC said.

Professor Teddy Charles Adias also informed the audience that FUO boasts of having qualified members of staff that are devoted all round the clock for positive development of the stay of the students throughout their course of study in the University. He however, cautioned that students should initiate appropriate means of communication and ensure that information which they pass on have the tags of confidentiality. “As a University we have a policy that says, “If you see something, say something.” I want to repeat, “If you see something, say something.” And so as a University, you can say what you’ve seen by submitting email online on anything you consider unethical, on anything that you consider  not right. And the  email address is;  [email protected],” he said.

“To our parents and guardians, especially those who are seated here today, I can see the joy that you have, having your wards with us. We give you the assurance that we will take care of them based on our abilities and capacity. Be assured that your investment to your kids will not be a waste as long as they abide by the regulations of the University.”

The VC assured the parents and guardians of the matriculating students of the commitment of the organs of the University viz the Council, Management and Senate, towards ensuring the comfort of students’ life during their stay in FUO.

Other events at the 11th Matriculation Ceremony included the Matriculation Oath administered by the Registrar, Procession of the matriculating students and management staff, singing of the National Anthem and National Pledge by all and sundry, and the FUO Anthem by the matriculating students.


– Published by the Publications Unit, FUO