Gbajabiamila Afeez Tunde (MRSC) holds a Bachelor of Technology with First Class (Hons) in Industrial Chemistry from the Federal University of Technology, Minna and Master of Science, M. Sc in Chemistry (Industrial Chemistry) from the University of Ibadan. He is currently running a program towards his PhD degree. He specializes in the areas of Materials Synthesis and Sustainable Chemistry as well as its applications in Nanotechnology. He is also the current 100L Chemistry Students’ Advisor for 2020/2021 Session.
He enjoys learning about emerging trends in the nanoscale interface between chemistry and technologies; with the interest in syntheses of size and shape-controlled nanomaterials based on modified approaches- development of synthesis methods of nanoparticles (NPs) and multifunctional nanostructured systems- of carbon-based nanoparticles NPs, Metal/Metal oxides (mesoporous) MONPs, characterization techniques and applications in the fields of environmental engineering, biomedicine, photocatalysis etc.
He has presented papers in conferences/seminars on synthesis, characterization and applications of nanomaterials. He equally has his work published in SCOPUS to include IOP Conf. Series. He is open to international and national collaborations.



Development, characterization and applications of bimetallic supported CNTs; Wastewater treatment with metal oxides/GrO/CNT porous materials; Nanoclay matrix reinforcement with metal oxides nanoparticles in biomedicines, photocatalysis and solar energy applications; Performance evaluation of nanoclay matrix reinforced semiconductor nanoparticles for electrical insulation and self cleaning surfaces with the characterization techniques such as UV-vis, FTIR, SEM/EDS, HRTEM/SAED, XRD, XPS, TGA, BET and Design of Experiment/Process Optimization.


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