Dr. Bodisere Juliet Teibowei

The Federal University Otuoke Guidance and Counselling Unit provides a wide range of support services to assist students (staff inclusive) cope with educational, vocational and personal-social issues and challenges which interfere with their education and personal life.
To meet these needs, the Unit offers the University Community a variety of services with the goal of assisting in resolving difficulties and profering solutions to problems to enable the individual be properly adjusted. These services provided both on individual and group basis include:
i. General Counselling
ii. Orientation
iii. Information
iv. Sensitization
v. Seminars
vi. Workshops
vii. Research
All the services are aimed at assisting students develop their potentials to the fullest so they become the total human (right-thinking/reasoning, focused, purpose-driven and achievement-oriented persons).
Professional ethics are strictly adhered to, all information are kept confidential.
Visit us at the Counselling Unit and you will be glad you did.

Contact information: Counselling Unit, West Campus, Mondays to Fridays, 8.30 am to 4.00pm

Dr. Bodisere Juliet Teibowei
Head of Unit.
[email protected].