Director, Health Services Department

To develop and maintain a health centre with a reputation for high clinical standards.

To render standard healthcare services in order to improving the quality of life of staff and students

  1. Provision of standby generator
  2. Provision of dedicated overhead water tank
  3. Availability of ambulance services
  4. Manpower development: some staff are on study leave with pay
  5. Participation during matriculation/convocation ceremonies
  1. Signing of tiship mou with regenix healthcare services limited
  2. Inauguration of the tiship committee
  3. Signing of mou with eyesphere for optometric services
  4. Strenghtening staff nhis registration with ultimate health management services
  5. Provision of drugs in the pharmacy
  6. Functional operative theatre
  7. Enforced compliance of covid 19 protocol by management
  8. Ncdc sponsored screening of students for covid 19
  9. Partnership with nphdb to vaccinate  staff against covid 19
  10. Orientation of students on tiship
  1. Medical screening exercise to commence 16/2/22 to last for 2months
  2. Orientation lecture for fresh students
  3. Upgrade to secondary care in progress
  1. Nhis/tiship services
  2. Consultations
  3. Admissions
  4. Emergency services
  5. Laboratory services
  6. Pharmacetical services
  7. Surgical services
  8. Optometry services
  9. Health education and counselling services
  10. Ambulance services

Referal services

MEDICALS: Dr. Mrs Jattoh Obehi Judith

NURSING: ADNS Comfort Okpo Unanaonwi

PHARMACY: PHARM. Chidubem Romanus Anosike


MEDICAL INFORMATION: Mrs. Osobere Onikobhiriba

ACCOUNTS: Mrs. Sharon  Ingowerikumo Wikimor

ADMIN: Mr. Kingsley Abidde

AMBULANCE: Mr. Bright Onu