Iruo, Lawrence Ayah

Mr. Iruo Lawrence AYAH


Mr. Lawrence Ayah Iruo is the Ag. HOD of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing Department. He is a Nurse Educator. He holds a B.Ed degree in Psychology and Counseling from the University of Ibadan and a BN.Sc(Nursing science) from the Niger Delta University. He also has an M.Ed degree in Curriculum studies and Educational technology from the University of Port Harcourt & an M.Sc in Mental health and Psychiatric Nursing from the Niger Delta University. As a Public health Nurse, he has a HND from the West African Health Examination Board. Professionally Mr. Iruo has the following certificates from the NMCN: RN, RM, RPN, RPHN and an RNE. He has over 40 publications in reputable national and international Nursing Journals. At the moment he is a member of the Editorial Board of six international journals. He is presently a PhD candidate in mental health and Psychiatric Nursing at the Rivers State University Port Harcourt.


Midwifery, psychiatric nursing & public health Nursing


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