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Ogoina Hembafan Pius, a lecturer in the department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Federal University Otuoke, Nigeria, holds expertise in tourism, archaeology, and research. She obtained her B.A. in Archaeology from Ahmadu Bello University and M.A. in Archaeology and Tourism from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the same institution, she deepened her knowledge with a Certificate in Sustainable Tourism from the University of Copenhagen in 2022. Her focus on heritage tourism is fueled by her exploration of diverse cultures. With a rich professional background, Ogoina has served as a Lecturer at the University of Africa, Toru-Orua, and as Acting Curator at the Centre for Niger Delta Studies. Her practical experience includes roles as an Archaeologist and involvement in archaeological surveys in Kaduna and Benue States.
Her research delves into historical and contemporary issues in archaeology and tourism. Noteworthy projects include her Ph.D. thesis on museums and public awareness in Lagos, her M.A. dissertation on Ushongo’s archaeological landscape and tourism potential, and her B.A. thesis on Tse’natu abandoned settlements in Benue State. Her work has been published in reputable journals and presented at conferences, covering topics like COVID-19’s impact on the Lekki Conservation Centre and security preparedness in Nigerian resorts.
Beyond academia, Ogoina is an active member of professional organizations like the Association for Tourism Development in Nigeria and the Archaeological Association of Nigeria. Her career reflects a deep commitment to integrating cultural heritage with tourism development, aiming to enrich both academic scholarship and practical applications in her field.


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