Dr. Juliet Bodisere Teibowei and Comrade Kalizibe Joseph have emerged as the newly elected representatives of congregation to serve on the Governing Council of FUO.

The election, which took place during the 14th Special Congregation meeting, was overseen by Professor Teddy Charles Adias, the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Dr. Teibowei secured victory in the academic representative category with 261 votes, defeating her main opponent, Dr. Mercy Robert, who garnered 29 votes. Comrade Joseph, as the sole candidate for the non-academic representative position following a nomination setback faced by another contender, was declared elected unopposed.

Expressing gratitude for the transparent and credible election, Dr. Teibowei pledged to work collaboratively with both management and staff to ensure effective representation and foster the growth of the University. Similarly, Comrade Joseph thanked the Vice Chancellor, the management team, and the congregation for their support.

Professor Adias stressed the importance of unity among the elected members and encouraged congregation members to continue offering their support through prayers and wisdom. He underscored the significance of constructive engagement, urging against tactics such as blackmail or setting traps, and emphasized that the University’s advancement hinges on collective efforts towards development.


Comrade Kalizibe Joseph, reflecting on his election victory, expressed deep gratitude for the overwhelming support shown by the Vice Chancellor, the University’s management team, and the congregation. He found himself at a loss for words to adequately convey his appreciation for being elected unopposed as a Council Member.

In his address, the Chairman of the Congregation and Vice Chancellor, Professor Teddy Charles Adias, emphasized that it was not solely Dr. Juliet Bodisere Teibowei who emerged victorious in the election, but rather the collective decision of the congregation. He expressed optimism that Dr. Mercy Robert would collaborate closely with Dr. Teibowei, pooling their knowledge and ideas to propel the University forward.

Professor Adias urged congregation members to continue entrusting and supporting the newly elected representatives through prayers and wise counsel, particularly concerning issues affecting the University. He cautioned against resorting to blackmail or setting traps for the elected members, stressing that such actions would only hinder the University’s progress. Instead, he emphasized the imperative of fostering an environment conducive to development and collaboration.


From the Publications Unit