prof Teddy Charles Adias
Prof. Teddy Charles Adias
Vice Chancellor

The Research and Quality Assurance Unit in FUO is saddled with the onerous responsibility of positioning the University on the information super highway as one of the topnotch Universities in the world that can stand the test of time with its enhanced performance and knowledge generation along international standards for national development. Firming up the gains of research, the Unit was set up to also protect the patent of researchers within the University and its environs.

Functions includes News gathering, writing, editing of news of the university’s news bulletin and other publications collating information across the various department, faculties and other allied units for publication. Documentary production, designing and printing; Magazines, Books, Calendars, Greeting cards, Folder, Brochure, Letter Head papers, Billboards, Envelops, filters, Diaries, Exam scripts complementary Cards, Branding of University Logo on souvenirs among others.

The Information and Communication Technology Department of Federal University Otuoke is responsible for the hardware, software and networking of computers. Its functions are further divided into the following categories:

  1. Software Development (Programming): The department is responsible for creating new programs for the University. Worthy of note under this category are: Computer Based EX Software for the conduct of all GES Exams and PUTME, e-Voting Software for the conduct of SUG Elections.
  2. University Website: The IT department creates and maintains the University’s website. The webmaster and other professionals in the IT department and the layout of the site, write the programming code and test the site for its usability. Besides, the department liaises with an Edu portal vendor for the management of all student records
  3. Technical Support: The IT department the University provides support to computer users in the institution. The support includes installing new software, repairing hardware problems, installing new hardware, troubleshooting problems and training employees how to use new software programs. The department have been responsible in the management of the ERP Software used in the management of Staff records as well as the payroll and financial records of the University.
  4. Network and Administration: The IT department is also responsible for the network design, installation and management of the computer network in the University. The department is to ensure that the network is operating properly and that all staff and students have the ability to access the internet and communicate through the internet and intranet. Staff in Information and Communication Technology also ensure the systems and network are secured from viruses and hackers and troubleshoot the system in the event of a problem.


Systems and Procedures Audit; compliance functions; Safe-guarding assets; prepayment vetting functions; post payment Audit functions, Cost control Audit; Verification and inspection; Investigation. All to achieve value for money in the institution and to promote management effectiveness.

Carrying out covert security operations on campus, preliminary investigations on criminal matters  on campus, providing security awareness to all members of the university community, supervising with conventional security operatives on security matters, furnishing the university management with security reports, fire-fighting on campus, intelligent gathering on campus, supervising with other members of the university community on crime prevention . etc.

It functions as an intervention unit. Saddled with the responsibility of execution of all infrastructure development projects relating to funding from government, multinational and other related bodies.

The Directorate is focused on schemes for internationalization of the University and the institutionalization of functional structure for active private-public partnership in the development of FUO through strategies for research, innovation and expansion. The Directorate is living up to its mandate by evolving various strategies for interfacing with other Units like Research and Quality Assurance, Academic Planning, and Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition for human capacity building. We are involved in creating partnerships, synergies and Cooperation that are cardinal pathways to ensuring and maintaining the universality of FUO and increasing its national and global competiveness. We aspire to enhance global visibility for FUO for improved ranking and easy access to grants and partnerships. We undertake interfacing functions and institute a synergy among Directors and Heads of Units of other offices in the University, particularly Directorates or Research and Quality Assurance, Academic Planning Examination. Records and Statistics Entrepreneurship and Skills acquisition, among others. We market FUO institutional content through social networking in formats that are easily and quickly assimilated by academics and publics. We gather quality data on various aspects of our university.

We are taking inventory of Staff, research interests, courses/ programs   publications, and even laboratory equipment to vigorously publicize research and other activities in FUO for global visibility. We are engaging government agencies (such as the National Communications Commission), the private sector and notable philanthropists on the need to create an enabling environment in  FUO personnel wards ensuring the welfare of staff and students, and facilitating the provision of emerging technologies that enhance student learning experience. An inventory of the beneficiaries of TETFund Scholarship is being carried out with a view to tracking FUO personnel capacity and curbing brain drain. To leverage on alumni support for improved funding and internationalization, the Unit compiles the names and contacts of FUO graduands for a robust alumni profile, which will be utilizes as soon as the students are convoked. The Institute works and with Management in advisory capacity to identify and strategize on viable project proposals and linkages for possible implementation.


Spurs the entrepreneurial spirit in staff, students, and Niger-deltans generally; Trains and develops people in different entrepreneurial skills; Contributes to the promotion of entrepreneurship education by offering General Entrepreneurship course.

Its duties include: Identify placement  opportunities for students’ attachment with employers; Supervise students at their places of attachment and sign their logbooks, Organize Orientation programs on SIWES in collaboration with Industrial Training Fund (ITF); Prepare Master List, a comprehensive list of students eligible for participation in SIWES in every given year for submission to ITF; Prepare Placement List indicating period and date of attachment and nationality of student for submission to ITF; Supervise students on industrial attachment during the period of training Examine and sign logbooks of students on industrial attachment; Submit all completed ITF Form 8 to the nearest ITF Area Office; SIWES office also serves as a coordinating unit to foster closer the link between the university and industries; By virtue of SIWES office as Industrial Liaison Office, the unit also serves as a channel for guiding students in career and job placement opportunities; The SIWES Office also has the responsibility of collating data and information on skills needed by industries with a view to referring them to appropriate Departments in the university for development of learning tasks to be carried out by students.

Its duties includes: Obtain up-to-date relevant and accurate data for processing and guiding the University Management for accurate and timely decision making; Liaise with TETFund’s Education Support Division and the relevant University Committee in assessing the various interventions available to teaching and non-teaching staff members; Determine the staff needs of Departments based on NUC norms and availability of resources; Ensure quality assurance in collaboration with the Directorate of Research and Quality Assurance; Coordinate accreditation of academic programs, including Curriculum development and review, preparation of sell-study 1orms and ensure that respective Departments comply with NUC’s Checklist on Accreditation; Continuously evaluate academic programmes and recommend rationalization of courses, demerger/merger of academic units; Liaise with the Registrar, Bursar, Deans, Admission’s Officer, Establishment officer on information and data on staff and students for planning purposes; Prepare and publish relevant data on staff, students and budget records (Statistical Digest); Serve as member in the various University committees; Any other duties as may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.

Identify and plan procurement activities. Conduct periodic market survey. Achieve value for money solution in conducting procurement exercise i.e. product of right quality, supplied in the right quality, in the right place at the right time for the right price. Supervise to ensure compliance with statutory rules and procedures. Prepare vendor documents to ensure readiness for payment. Any other duties as assigned by the Vice Chancellor. Generally the function of procurement is about communicating, problems solving, influencing and negotiating.

Created to explore regular sporting activities to raise formidable teams to represent the institution at various university games in the country. Sports is a key component of the training of students to acquire all round mental, physical and academic knowledge. Provide avenues to win laurels, create a platform for university staff to engage in competitive physical activities, character building and to keep fit in their working life as a measure to enhance productivity.

The Unit is saddle with the responsibilities of assisting the student to: Adjust to their environment; Develop the ability to set realistic goals for themselves; Realize their potential in obtaining these goals; Integrate these new experiences with the concept of self; Improve the total educational programme; Develop learning skills and strategies; Remove barriers that might inhibit learning; Participate meaningfully in the opportunities provided by the university in curricular and co-curricular activities: Develop positive image of self through self-understanding, self-direction and skills in problem- solving and decision-making: Develop interpersonal relationship with others tor healthy growth and development; Providing educational, vocational and personal-social services for staff as needed.

Caters for the health needs of members of staff of the university, alongside the host community, as evident in most universities in the country that has a medical center. Focus of the unit is the delivery of preventive rather than curative medicine. It ensures that members of the university and host community have easy access to preventive healthcare while providing prompt and adequate medical care as part of the university’s corporate social responsibility.

Its duties includes, but not limited to: Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding preparations: All contractual agreements relating to staff housing: Student Hostels; Corporate entities in Partnership with FUO, NABDA, GUCCI Chris, UBA etc.; Foreign partnerships; Incorporation of FUO Company Limited (private commercial entity and proxy of Federal University Otuoke); Auto Insurance for Federal University Otuoke fleet of vehicles; Overseeing Federal Warranties on Equipment and Machinery acquired by Federal University Otuoke; Coordinating of Health insurance Enrolment for Staff, Mandatory Students Health Insurance known as T-SHIP under NHIS. Risk Management. Dispute and Conflict Prevention. Law, Rules and Regulation Interpretation (Staff and Students including FUO relationships with all others).