The Directorate of Academic Planning Unit was established in line with the National Universities Commission (NUC), desire to put in place a management structure to guide the orderly academic development of the University in the performance of of its statutory functions of teaching, research and public service. The establishment of this directorate also satisfied the need to coordinate and streamline academic activities arising from sudden and sometimes uncoordinated growth and proliferation of programmes and units in the university system.
The Director is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day to day administration of the Unit. Its office complex is located in the DVC’s Annex Building, East Campus of the University.
The Directorate is aimed at basically, ensuring strict compliance of the University with the National Universities Commission (NUC) guidelines, Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) guidelines and International Best Practices on all academic matters. Some of its key functions include:

  • Collection, analyses and interpretation of current and accurate data from relevant university bodies for processing and guiding the University Management for timely decision making
  • Collection of data on changing trends of university activities- enrolment, Staff training and turnover
  • Liaising with the Registrar, Bursar, Deans, Directors, Admission’s Officer, Establishments Officer on information and data on staff and students for planning purposes
  • Determining the staff needs of departments based on NUC guidelines and availability of resources
  • Coordinating accreditation and reaccreditation of academic programmes in line with NUC’s Checklist on Accreditation
  • Coordinating Resource Verification activities for the establishment of new academic programmes in line with NUC guidelines
  • Liaising with TETFund’s Education Support Division and the relevant University Committees in accessing the various interventions available to academic and non-teaching staff
  • Continuously evaluating academic programmes and recommending rationalization of courses, demerger/merger of academic units
  • Participating in University curriculum review in line with NUC guidelines
  • Development and review of academic Brief
  • Preparing and publishing relevant data on staff, students and budget records (Statistical Digest)
  • Serving in the various University Committees as assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.

Director: Dr. (Mrs.) Ibebietei Temple Offor

Consultancy Unit


To leverage on realistic, viable and sustainable business opportunities and partnerships



To achieve unparalleled business objectives by providing innovative and world class consulting services in a technology driven world



To provide excellent, creative and innovative consultancy services



To build trust that attracts sustainable business partnerships



Value – added business investments, growing and nurturing start-ups and spin-offs




  1. To engage in practical and sustainable business ventures for improved internally generated revenue (IGR)

  2. To provide consultancy services to generate income for the University

  3. To source externally funded projects for the University

  4. To coordinate and establish database of consultancy activities of Sections, Units, Departments, Centres, Institutes, Faculties, Colleges, Schools and related establishments in the University

  5. To organize capacity building workshops, trainings, conferences, exhibitions and short – term courses designed to generate income for the University.



Institutional Advancement Unit


The Unit is poised to promote and foster linkages and partnerships between the University, Government, Industry and Ecosystem in order to advance the University.


To nurture relationships between the University and its partners, increasing awareness, visibility and acceptance to attract necessary support to meet the University’s current and future goals.


To create unparalleled partnerships designed to enhance the University’s image


To promote the University locally, regionally, nationally and internationally


Enhanced visibility and financially rewarding partnerships


  1. To enhance visibility and image branding for the University

  2. To foster advocacy for vulnerable and indigent population

  3. To strengthen the University – Alumni relations

  4. To engage in fund raising activities

  5. To foster linkages and partnerships

  6. To promote University-Government-Industry-Partnership (UGIP)

  7. To coordinate and establish database of linkages and partnerships of Individual Staff, Sections, Units, Departments, Centres, Institutes, Faculties, Colleges, Schools and related establishments in the University

  8. To organize capacity building workshops, trainings, conferences and exhibitions to enhance visibility and workforce productivity

Director: Prof. Iheoma M. Adekunle

The Research and Quality Assurance directorate is under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Federal University Otuoke and it is an engine room for operations and performance measurement.

This Directorate was established in November, 2016 under the leadership of the second vice chancellor, Prof. Seth Accra-Jaja; With Prof. Ihuoma Adekunle as the first Director. However, as at today, the directorate is being headed by Prof. Emmanuel Akpan as the second director and this time with a Deputy Director.

  1. Operations of the Directorate: The functions of the directorate are as designated by the Vice-Chancellor and basically as regards-(i) Research Unit and Quality Assurance Unit.
    • Research Unit: This unit is governed by a well documented policy – Federal University Otuoke Research Policy to wit;
      • Philosophy, which is to develop, operate research policy, oversee research affairs in an harmonious relationship setting and also develop blueprints on areas of intervention for donor support (government and private sector), for promotion of research, innovation and development in the university and its surroundings.
      • Mission: To partner with Government, Industries, and other stakeholders to facilitate best practices in Relevant, innovative and cutting-edge research, for both national and global needs.
      • Vision: To be a catalyst for the delivery of quality research that will impact positively on national development.
    • Research Activities: A lot has been done ever since the directorate started. Series of trainings have been delivered to staff on areas of research with impact and not just article for promotion and more are still lined up. The promotion and sustenance of the tripod -University-Government-Industry (UGIP) in Research and Development for sustainable development is on course alongside the Quad- Helix (University -Government-Industry-Ecosystem (UGIE)research structure.
    • Intellectual property Transfer: The policy on technology/ knowledge transfer, product development, as well as intellectual property (IP) rights mechanism is equally overseen here with its own policy documents.
    • The University Research Roadmap: Strategic Thematic Research Areas have been identified and stipulated as a guide to our collaborators with the aim of developing and conducting impactful research for development with national and global interest. We also continuously draw from high level local and international collaborative and institutional advancement/ linkages frameworks.
  2. Quality Assurance Unit:
    • Calendar/Tables: The Unit is saddled with the effective creation and production of University academic calendar, lecture and examination time tables.
    • Monitoring: Teaching and Examination monitoring has been taken to a much higher level for results through effective collaboration among staff and students. Time frame has been set for various variables like test and quizzes (announced and impromptu), submission of lecture course outlines at the commencement of every semester, as well as marking schemes at the end of every examination season both in hard and soft copies to the Directorate for archiving.
    • Lecture Delivery Mode: The classrooms have been delineated to ensure effective delivery as well as to comply with the covid-19 space protocol and efforts are in advance stage for online delivery as well.

Director: Prof. Emmanuel S, Akpan

Works & Services Department

The Works & Services Department is charged with the mandate of provision and maintenance of infrastructural facilities and equipment’s in the University.

Structure: The Department is presently headed by a coordinator who is responsible to the Vice Chancellor and has six (6) sub-units.

Units in the Department.

  1. Civil Unit
  2. Electrical Unit
  3. Mechanical Unit
  4. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Unit
  5. Plants Unit
  6. Piping & Plumbing Unit
  7. Environmental & Sewage Unit
  8. Transport Unit
  9. Administrative Unit

Each of the engineering units are headed by COREN registered Engineers and has personnel responsible for carrying-out the day to day activities in their respective units.


Physical Planning Unit

The Physical Planning Unit is a swift intervention unit domiciled within the Office of the VIce-Chancellor.

The Physical Planning Unit in Federal University Otuoke, has the mandate and responsibility to develop a workable Master Plan as well as co-ordinate, monitor, process and evaluate proposed and new infrastructural developments in-line with the Master Plan and overall needs of the University. In addition to its mandate, the Unit can also function as project consultant due to its high level of professionalism.

The Unit performs the following functions/duties:

  • Preparation and updating of the University Master Plan.
  • Preparing of physical action plan
  • Taking accommodation (office, hostels, lecture halls, etc) data or brief and relating it to the actual physical brief.
  • Preparing data for National Universities Commission (NUC), TETFund, Federal Ministry of Education (FME) and other donor agencies.
  • Providing brief for all preliminary works for new projects.
  • Co-ordination of consultants on projects up to tender stage and close monitoring of the projects from inception to completion (final account stage). This is to ensure control at all stages of the project so that the approved project cost is not exceeded without authorization.
  • The Unit also ensures that all design submitted by the consultant conform to NUC guideline, user’s requirement and the Master Plan.
  • Provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor, Senate/Council committee on matters relating to physical development.
  • Initiates and liaises with the Bursary Department and Department of Works on the Capital estimates for each year and quarterly utilization report for capital projects.
  • The Unit liaises with the Project Consultants if the University so appoints any and also with donor agencies and other governmental departments in the event of a sponsored project implementation in the University as may be directed by the Vice-Chancellor.

The Unit has three (3) sections, viz;

  1. Planning/Design/Costing Section
    Data, briefs and or directives are translated into designs concepts and project cost advice.
  2. Project Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation Section
    It renders post contract award services, by ensuring that the Contractor and or Supplier including consultants operate within the confine of the contract.
  3. Research and Development Sections
    This section is saddle with the duty of gathering data from within and outside the University for planning purposes.


The Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC) at the Federal University Otuoke is an innovative center whose aim is to spur the entrepreneurial spirit in students, staff and the general public

Our vision at the EDC is to facilitate the development and sustainability of the Centre, drive a culture of skills acquisition and further entrepreneurship education, research, innovation and economic transformation.

Mission Statement
To nurture and develop prospective students, existing entrepreneurs, employees of private and public organizations, and employees of local, state and federal governments and the less privileged in society in achieving their entrepreneurial ambition. By so doing, promote enterprise, Create jobs, and wealth and reduce poverty through self-employment and self-reliance.

Director: Dr. Lasisi Raimi

The Information and Communication Technology Department of Federal University Otuoke is responsible for the hardware, software, multimedia and networking of computers. Its functions are further divided into the following categories:

  1. Software Development (Programming): The Unit is responsible for creating new application software for the University. Worthy of note under this category are: Computer Based EX Software for the conduct of all Foundation Studies and large lecture examinations and Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (PUTME), e-Voting Software for the conduct of SUG Elections. We also serve as a center for external examination bodies like the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) among others.
  2. University Website: The ICT Department creates and maintains the University’s Website, and liaises with an Educational portal vendor for the management of all student records.
  3. Technical Support: The ICT Department of the University provides support to computer users in the institution. The support includes installing new hardware and software as well as maintenance of faulty systems. The Department also conducts capacity building programme to train employees on how to use new software programmes. The Department is also responsible for the maintenance of the ERP Software used in the management of Staff records as well as the payroll and financial records of the University.
  1. Network and Administration: The ICT Unit is also responsible for the network design, installation and management of the computer network in the University. The Unit ensures that there is little or no down time on the network. Staff in Information and Communication Technology Department also ensure the systems and network are protected from any cyber-attack.

Ag Director: Mr. Odio Abiobele

Internal Audit is an independent appraisal activity within the Federal University Otuoke, for the review of accounts, financial and other operations as a basis for services to management.

The Internal Audit is divided into two sections namely: Systems and Control Unit and Price Intelligence and Investigation Unit.

The general duties of the Internal Audit fall under different sub-headings, which include:

Systems and Procedural Audit: This reviews the accounting systems of the University to ensure reliability of financial reporting.

Pre-Payment Audit: Internal Audit carries out audit checks on all University payment vouchers and certifies them within 48 hours with all relevant supporting documents.

Personnel Emolument Audit: The Unit conducts checks and reviews on salaries variation advice and other allowances before certifying them on the IPPIS online platform.

Compliance Audit: Reviews the implementation of external extant rules and internal policies governing the University.

Cost Control Audit: Performs price intelligence (market survey) to ensure prices of supplies are reasonable and competitive to achieve value for money in the University.

Revenue Audit: Reviews of the revenue collection procedure, cash custody and lodgment into the Single Treasury Account (TSA) analysis, and ensures that all revenue received are adequately accounted for and arranged into appropriate heads and sub-head and banked in line with exant regulations.

Post-Payment Audit: This audit is concerned with the auditing of all accounting and financial records with a view to ensuring that all transactions are properly documented, accurate, up-to-dated and classified into the right account.

Special Investigation: This is a detailed review of suspicious case(s) to or by the internal auditor ro uncover the extent of irregularities or deceit in obtaining illegal or unjust advantages.

Safe-Guarding of Assets: The department ensures that controls put in place are adequate towards preventing theft and embezzlement of University assets and stores.

Head of Unit: Mr. Werigbelegha A. Kaiser

Legal Services Unit’s role is to ensure that Federal University Otuoke’s Management, Staff and Students respect, observe and obey all laws, rules and regulations. These include Federal, State, Municipal and Federal University Otuoke laws, byelaws, rules and regulations.

It is the Legal Services Unit’s responsibility to avoid, or prevent disputes, conflicts, litigations and or, to resolve same when they occur, while always focused on Federal University Otuoke’s best interest.

Legal Services Unit is inundated with ensuring due process and the Rule of Law as the bedrock, predicate and foundation of every Federal University activity, relationship in words and actions.

Best practices require complete obeisance to the Rules of law respect for due process. Good rules, regulations and law, particularly, the obeisance as such, make great institutions and even nations. Legal services Unit’s approach is informed by the global worldview of Best-Business practices and to this effect that, every activity has legal regulatory and administrative rule implications and and consequences.

A holistic and big-picture rule-of-thumb approach are informs our methods. A good Legal Services Unit under the supervision of a good Vice Chancellor should scrutinize agreements, Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)and all all relationships between Federal University Otuoke and all other entities, with a view to avoiding and preventing disputes, conflicts, liabilities, losses and litigations.

Other functions of the Unit include:

  1. Litigation services (representing the institution).
  2. Interfacing between the University and individuals or co-operate bodies, etc.
  3. Drafting of memorandum of understanding, receiving and replying pre action notices, preparation of deeds and franking of documents.
  4. Interpretation of the law within the University for staff, students and University committees such as students disciplinary committees.
  5. Advising the University on cooperate best practices, rules and regulations involving every activity on the University business.

Head of Unit: Lamawal-ozu Festus Ariwepere

The Public Relations Unit a section in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, is saddled with the responsibility of image-making and laundering. It liaises with other units, departments, faculties and directorates within the university, as well as with staff, students, Unions, groups, other stakeholders and host communities.

The Unit also networks with the media (print, electronic and social media) to put out necessary information on activities of the University.

Other functions of the Unit include: mc, events planning, web management, reportage, photography, video, community liaison, memo handling and errands, as well as other forms of information management.


Coordinator: Ms Mercy Ekott

Caters for the health needs of members of staff of the university, alongside the host community, as evident in most universities in the country that has a medical center. Focus of the unit is the delivery of preventive rather than curative medicine. It ensures that members of the university and host community have easy access to preventive healthcare while providing prompt and adequate medical care as part of the university’s corporate social responsibility.

Medical Director: Dr Ebikefe T. Omu

Every activity relating to the procurement of goods and services for development of infrastructure begins and continues through the Procurement Unit. The objective is to procure goods, works and services  at a reasonable price, from the right source with the right specifications that meet user’s needs, in right quantity and for delivery at the right time bearing mind the hallmarks of proficient public procurement which are Economy, Efficiency, Fairness, Reliability, Transparency and Accountability with Ethical Standards.

Basically, the functions of the Procurement Unit include:

a. Submission of the procurement plan prepared by the procurement planning committee to the Tenders Board for approval
b. Preparation of tender notifications and request for expression of interest
c. Preparation and submission to advertising media the documents for: soliciting quotations, prequalification, bidding and request for proposals
d. Issuing document for: soliciting quotations, prequalification, bidding and request for proposals
e. Receiving and arranging opening of: prequalification documents, bids, quotation and, request for proposals
f. Submission of evaluation reports to the tenders board for: prequalification, bids, quotation and consultants’ proposals, for approval
g. Submission of quotation for values in line with approved threshold to the Vice-Chancellor for approval
h. Making arrangements for contract negotiations
i. Making arrangements for contract signing .
j. Preparing documentation for submission to the Bureau for approval
k. Preparing responses to complaints for submission to the tenders board; for approval
l. Preparation of documents on compliant for submission to the Bureau
m. Preparation of all data information required by the Bureau
n. Maintaining accurate and comprehensive records of all procurement proceedings
o. Any other assignment that may be given by the Vice-Chancellor that may be necessary to enhance performance of the procurement function.


Head of Unit: Comfort Taavaan – Ogbolo

The Functions of the unit include News gathering of events organized by the university, writing and editing of news for the university’s news Bulletin, Compendium and other publications, collating information across the various Departments, Faculties and other allied units for publication. Documentary production, Designing and printing of Magazines, Books, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Folders, Matriculation/Convocation Brochures, Letter Heads, Billboards, Envelops, Fliers, Diaries, Exam scripts, Complementary Cards, Branding ,  among others. The unit envisions evolving into the University Press Center.

Head of Unit: Mrs Enobong  B. Etukakpan

The Security Department is a unique and important Unit under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor.

The Department is superintended by the Chief Security Officer(CSO) who reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor. The core mandate of the Department is the protection  lives and properties on campus, as well as detection crime on campus. Also, access control at entry and exit points on campus are being managed by security staff. 

The CSO is deputized by the Deputy Chief Security Officers, who coordinate both the administrative and operational functions of the Department

The Chief security officer is deputized by the deputy chief security officers who coordinate both the administrative and operational functions in the department.                      

The Department is segmented into eight sub-units for proper supervision and management of personnel. These units are supervised by senior security officers. These units have duty beats that are manned by security staff in order to give twenty-four (24) hours security coverage to the University.

The Department synergizes with the host community’s  vigilante body and other conventional security agents to actualize its mandate on campus.

CSO: Barr. Biobaragha Makalabh R.

The mandate of the Federal University Otuoke SERVICOM Directorate is to ensure effective service delivery and assist the University Management to achieve its vision and mission which include: to gain and maintain reputation as a world-class University that challenges all its students to achieve the highest levels of intellectual personal growth, to promote sustainable development, as well as contribute purposeful and ethical service to the nation and mankind.

To ensure effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery the SERVICOM Directorate is further divided into the following divisions/sub units:
  1. Customer Complaints Division/Head of Administration
  2. Feedback and Grievance Redress Division
  3. Service Improvement Division
  4. Customer Relations and Investigation Division
  5. Public Enlightenment and Sensitization Division
The SERVICOM Unit and a team of dedicated staff who are always on the field trying to ensure compliance with laid down rules and standards  
Ag. Director: Dr. John Kalama

The Special Duties Office, a Unit in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, is charged with the mandate of ensuring that the University is kept totally clean, including classroom and all offices. In order to achieve absolute or total cleanness of the whole University Community, the head has drawn a roadmap that covers the campuses of the University as well as the administrative offices. The Head of Unit is supported by other officers and supervisors who work towards ensuring quality of work done, towards total cleanness of the entire university community.

For effective mandate delivery and quality assurance, the Unit reviews the work plan from time to time and ensures adequate communications, upward and downwards.

Head Of Unit: Mr. Francis Elaweremi

Created to explore regular sporting activities to raise formidable teams to represent the institution at various university games in the country. Sports is a key component of the training of students to acquire all round mental, physical and academic knowledge. Provide avenues to win laurels, create a platform for university staff to engage in competitive physical activities, character building and to keep fit in their working life as a measure to enhance productivity.

The Student Affairs Department, Federal University Otuoke, oversees all aspects of Students Welfare in the University. The Department manages, supervises and encourages a number extracurricular activities aimed at guiding the students. It is also responsible for the overall administration of students guidance, counselling and  discipline.

The Department is headed by a Dean who is always available to attend to students on diverse issues on daily basis including weekends. The Dean is assisted by a Student Affairs Officer who is operationally responsible to him on the overall day to day administrative duties of the Department, two Hall Wardens, Guidance Counselors and a team of non – teaching Staff.

The Department is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  1. The registration of Students’ Clubs and Associations in the University. 
  1. The mobilization of graduates for the National Youth Service Corps Scheme.
  1. The Department oversees the administration of Halls of Residence, co-ordinates the allocation of students and handles resolution of conflicts among students living in the hostel, as well as ensures the proper maintenance of all the hostels in the University.
  1. The Guidance and Counselling Unit which is responsible for Students’ mental health, emotional, social, academic, and other issues is housed in Students’ Affairs Department.
  1. The Department also handles the collation and compilation of accurate data of the students of various states and corporations that give  scholarship award and bursary to their indigenes.
  1. The Student Affairs Department works with the Vice-Chancellor of the University to conduct all student Union Elections, co-ordinates the swearing in ceremonies of the elected students and liaises between the Student Union Government (SUG) and Management.
  1. The Department is also charged with the responsibility of organizing orientation for fresh students in the University.
  1. The Department facilitates the Students’ Disciplinary Committee meetings and produces report that is sent to senate for consideration.

Dean: Dr. (Mrs) Bodisere J. Teibowei

Its duties include: Identify placement  opportunities for students’ attachment with employers; Supervise students at their places of attachment and sign their logbooks, Organize Orientation programs on SIWES in collaboration with Industrial Training Fund (ITF); Prepare Master List, a comprehensive list of students eligible for participation in SIWES in every given year for submission to ITF; Prepare Placement List indicating period and date of attachment and nationality of student for submission to ITF; Supervise students on industrial attachment during the period of training Examine and sign logbooks of students on industrial attachment; Submit all completed ITF Form 8 to the nearest ITF Area Office; SIWES office also serves as a coordinating unit to foster closer the link between the university and industries; By virtue of SIWES office as Industrial Liaison Office, the unit also serves as a channel for guiding students in career and job placement opportunities; The SIWES Office also has the responsibility of collating data and information on skills needed by industries with a view to referring them to appropriate Departments in the university for development of learning tasks to be carried out by students.