Prof. Comfort E. Mbachu

Prof. Comfort E. Mbachu is a distinguished academic with extensive experience in the Nigerian educational system. She has excelled in her teaching career, earning a reputation for her exceptional teaching abilities. Her academic journey has seen her in various significant roles, including Coordinator of the Arts Program Unit, former Head of the Arts Education Department, and membership in the Faculty Post Graduate Committee and the University Senate.   Prof. Mbachu’s commitment to teaching and research has earned her numerous accolades, such as recognition as the most friendly female lecturer and awards for excellent curriculum delivery. Notably, she played a pivotal role in achieving full accreditation for departmental programs during NUC accreditation visits.   In the realm of research, she has contributed significantly with numerous academic papers published in respected journals, both nationally and internationally. Beyond her academic accomplishments, she is a strong advocate for girl child education and gender equality, firmly believing in the importance of educating girls for the nation’s progress.   Prof. Mbachu is an active member of academic associations, serving as the President of the Bayelsan chapter of gsan. In addition to her academic pursuits, she is a devoted Christian deeply involved in church work, prison evangelism, and various outreach programs. Her life exemplifies the values of hard work, determination, and an unwavering trust in God, leading to her remarkable success and achievements.

Curriculum Specialist, Specialized In Curriculum Studies, Which Includes- Curriculum Designs, Development, Implementation & Innovation.