Augustine A. Ikein, Ph.D. (Atlanta University) also holds a B.Sc. (Economics) degree from the City University of New York and an MBA (Finance/Management) from Adelphi University, New York and received the Fulbright Fellowship/Scholar Award in 1998 from the Council of International Exchange of Scholars. He has been a Professor of Economics, Finance, and Policy Studies in several US and Nigerian Institutions. He has held positions of Dean Faculty of Management Sciences, Dean Post Graduate School at different times. He is a recipient of several Fellowship Awards namely; Fellow of International Institute of Management, Fellow Petroleum Institute, University of Port Harcourt in Affiliation with Ecole DePetrole, Paris France, Recipient of Nissan Fellowship. Achievement Award International Business, University of South Carolina, Economics Fellowship, New York University. He is also a recipient of the UNCF and Lily Foundation Fellowship Awards.  He is the Author of several books and articles such as: Nigeria: Oil, Nation Building and Foreign Policy: The Political Economy of Black Gold and Black Power in Africa (Forthcoming), Oil, Democracy and the Promise of True Federalism in Nigeria (University Press of America), The Impact of Oil on a Developing Country, The Case of Nigeria (Praeger) New York,. The Battle for African Oil: The Asian Tigers vs. Energy Lions of Euro-America, (NASS Monograph). The Conflicting Choice between Environmental Quality, Development and Human Welfare in Africa; Socio economic, environmental aspects of gas flaring: In Developing nations Environmental Dilemmas: Africa by the Year 2000 and Beyond. The Socioeconomic Impact of European Reforms on Gender and Development in Africa [Greenwood Press]; Nigeria Oil and Fiscal Federalism The Political Economy of Resource Allocation in a Developing Country [Ashgate UK]; Should Human Reserves Take Precedence Over Oil Reserves?; An Alternative to the OPEC Quota Allocation System;. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Volume 10, No.4, 2009). The Politics of Petroleum Marketing, Fuel Scarcity and Subsidy Management in Nigeria. A Study of Energy and Development in OPEC Member States International Journal of Management and Applied Sciences Petro-Dictatorship, Insurgencies, Boko Haram – Terrorism and the Threats to U.S. – Africa Energy Security Future. Journal of American Academy of Business Nigeria, Oil and External Exposure: The crude gains and crude pains of crude export dependence economy, The Business and Management Review, Professor Ikein is also a coauthor of Moral Equivalent of War? A study of Nonmilitary Service in Nine Nations (Greenwood Press): The author has special interest in the relationship between natural resource endowment and development around the World.


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