Prof. Osarome Tawari

Osarome Tawari, A Goal-oriented, result-focused, conscientious and compassionate Professor of Educational Administration/Higher Education Administration and Human Development and a seasoned professional with over 41 years of highly successful work experiences in teaching, research, capacity building, sustainable development in education, women and gender studies, performance management and community service.  A resourceful, highly creative thinker with a with a strong understanding of sustainable  human capital development and a proven track record in creating and innovating and implementing successful strategies in education at the micro and macro level.  A self-starter and highly motivated individual, with excellent interpersonal, coaching and communication skills and a strong drive for leading, managing, supervising and mentoring others, listening to others and being highly reflective. Dependable mentor with collaborative leadership skills at building relationships and collaborating with all levels of stakeholders to build people centric cultures promoting positive morale and optimizing productivity. Intrinsically committed to continuous improvement and working effectively as a team member to achieve goals and objectives.

RESEARCH INTEREST: Many areas of Higher Education Administration – both substantive & methodological; higher education policies & governance; human capacity development; managerial psychology; scholarship of teaching and learning; women and gender studies; personnel management; performance management; education laws & development; financing education; peace building &conflict management; research & innovation policies; changing patterns of academic work; the nature of the academic experience; the postgraduate & research experience; sustainability in education; total quality management; environmental education; entrepreneurial and citizenship education; engineering education; cross-sector partnerships; quality assurance in education and comparative studies & patterns of participation.