Candidates can conveniently complete the application form and pay by taking
the following steps:
(a) Step 1. Click Here to Start Application 
Step 2. Click on the APPLICATIONS then on POST-GRADUATE.
Step 3. Click on BUY PIN to purchase the Applicaon PIN.
Step 4. Enter your Name, email and Phone Number and then CLICK on PAY
USING REMITA and continue with payment.
Step 5. A transaction success page containing your Application PIN for all
successful payments will be shown on your screen also an email
containing your Application PIN will be sent to the email address you
Step 6. Use the Application PIN to START APPLICATION, fill-out all forms
appropriately and make all compulsory uploads (as listed below).
i. Passport Photograph
ii. First Sitting O’level
iii. Second Sitting O’level Result (where applicable)
iv. Birth Certificate/Age Declaration
v. LGA Identification Letter
vi. First Degree Certificate
vii. Masters Degree Certificate (where applicable)
Step 7. Submit your application and print-out your application summary
(b) Forward duplicate copies of summary page and photocopies of
documents listed below:
i. University Degree Certificate(s)
ii. NYSC Discharge Certificate/Exemption Certificate
iii. O’Level Certificate (WAEC/NECO)
iv. Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age
v. LGA Identification Letter
vi. A research proposal of not more than 3 pages and not more than 5
pages for Master’s and Ph.D. students respectively.
vii. The original transcript obtained from the Applicant’s University
plus duly completed downloaded Federal University Otuoke,
School of Postgraduate Studies Transcript Label ()-() must be
properly addressed to:
“The Secretary,
School of Postgraduate Studies
Federal University, Otuoke
Bayelsa State”



Additional Information

  • Application processing fee for all programmes cost N15,000.00 (Fifteen
    thousand naira only)
  • The progress of completed application forms can be monitored on the
    application portal online and notification will be sent to applicants once
    decisions are taken on the applications.
  •  Applicants will be notified of the status of their application by e-mail.

    8. All applicants should note that they will be bound by all the

    Regulations Governing School of Postgraduate Studies at the Federal
    University Otuoke, if their applications are successful

    (a) For additional information, visit the School of Postgraduate Studies at
    the Federal University Otuoke, website at:
    (b) Sponsors such as Employment Agencies, Ministries, Corporations,
    Parastatals and Foreign Missions should advise their candidates to
    apply personally for application forms. Multiple applications will
    lead to cancelation of all applications forwarded.
    (c) Any candidate, who applies for admission to another postgraduate
    programme without disclosure on the application form or without
    Senate approval of withdrawal from the initial programme will
    automatically forfeit his/her studentship under the existing
    University Regulations.
    (d) Applications without Transcripts will not be considered.
    The sale and submission of completed Application Forms with all necessary
    enclosures will terminate on Friday, January 28, 2022.
  • Any applicant whose original transcript does not reach the School of
    Postgraduate Studies at the Federal University, Otuoke, before the
    admission exercise begins will not be admitted.
  • Successful candidates will receive their leers of admissions through the
    e-mail addresses supplied.



                                                                                                        PRE-ADMISSION PAYMENT

 Cost ItemFirst Year              Subsequent Years
 Application Fee                                                   15,000.00                                                     nil
 Acceptance Fee                                                   30,000.00                                                     nil
                                                                                                                 POST-ADMISSION PAYMENTS
1Tuition Professional courses/MSc/PGD                                                   40,000.00                                                     40,000.00
 Tuition Professional courses/MPhi/Phd                                                   60,000.00                                                     60,000.00
2Transaction (Bank Charges)                                                      1,000.00                                                      1,000.00
3Examination Fee                                                   12,000.00                                                     12,000.00
4Medical Fee                                                   10,000.00                                                     nil
5Post Graduate Devt Levy                                                   10,000.00                                                     nil
6PG Prospectus                                                   10,000.00                                                     nil
7I.D Card                                                      1,000.00                                                     nil
8Caution Fee                                                      5,000.00                                                    5,000.00
9Univ. Development Levy                                                   10,000.00                                                      10,000.00
10library develovepment levy                                                      5,000.00                                                5,000.00
11Library registration fees                                                      5,000.00                                                     nil
12SPGS journal & Publications                                                      5,000.00                                                       5,000.00
13Faculty Registration Levy                                                      2,000.00                                                       2,000.00
14Departmental Levy                                                      3,000.00                                                       3,000.00
15Supervision Fee                                                   10,000.00                                                     10,000.00
17PG Students’ Union                                                          500.00                                                           500.00
18Sports                                                      1,000.00                                                       1,000.00
19Certificate Verification                                                      2,000.00                                                      nil
20 Graduation Fee                                                      7,000.00                                                      nil
21 Bench & Workshop Lab fees Science Courses 20, 000.00                                                     20,000.00
 Bench & Workshop Lab fees Other Courses                                                      5,000.00                                                       5,000.00
22ICT Charge                                                   10,000.00 
23SPGS Conferences & Seminars                                                      1,000.00                                                       1,000.00
24Entrepreneurship                                                      2,000.00                                                    nil
 TOTAL FEES SCIENCE COURSESPGD/MSc-172,500 Professional Courses/MPhi/ Phd-192,500PGD/MSc- 115,500 Professional Courses/MPhi/ Phd- 135,500
 TOTAL FEES OTHER COURSESPGD/MSc-157,500 Professional Courses/MPhi/ Phd-177,500PGD/MSc- 100,500 Professional Courses/MPhi/ Phd- 120,500
 The following fees below are suplementry fees payable when due at the Postgraduate School
25Plagirism Test  
26Faculty Defence fees  
27External Defence fees