The Senate Office is one of the Units that make up the Registry Department in the University, the highest decision making body on academic matters in the University. It serves as secretariat for Senate Matters, Senate being saddled with the responsibility of organizing and controlling teaching and the discipline of students, as well as to promote research in the University.

The objectives of the Senate Office include the following:

  1. To provide administrative support services to Senate and its committees.
  2. To communicate all Senate decisions to various Departments and Units for implementation.
  3. To ensure the compliance to all academic policies, rules and regulations by staff and students in the University.
  4. To perform administrative and secretarial duties relating to meetings and functions of the Senate.
  5. Developing the minutes and ensuring the accurate reportage of Senate Decisions.
  6. Implementing the decisions of Senate.
  7. Maintaining, up-dating and indexing of Senate minutes, decisions and records.
  8. Collating, drafting and up-dating relevant Senate Academic Rules and Regulations relating to academic programmes in respective Faculties and Unit of the University.
  9. Up-dating the production of the University Calendar and review of the Statement of the Academic Policies.
  10. Attendance at meetings of Academic Ceremonies and Ad-Hoc Committee.
  11. Co-ordination of activities relating to matriculations arrangements and sale of inaugural lectures.
  12. To keep custody academic gowns, hoods and caps.
  13. Performs any other duties that may be assigned by the Registrar from time to time.

The Examinations, Records, and Students’ Statistics Unit (ERSSU) in Registry Department is handles students’ records, students’ statistics and undergraduate examinations records. 

The Unit performs the following specific functions:

  • Provides secretary for the University Central Timetable /Calendar Committee, to prepare timetable for both lectures and examinations as well as the University calendar
  • Provides secretary for University – Wide Curriculum Development Committee, to examine and recommend for Senate approval, academic programmes.
  • Provides secretary for University-Wide Probation and  Withdrawal for Academic Failure (WAF) Committee, to prepare and issues probation letters and notification for academic Failure.
  • Implements Senate decisions on students’ WAF and probation.
  • Keeps custody of Senate approved Results.
  • Keeps custody of students’ files and records
  • Prepares and distributes Notification of Results to graduating students after Senate approval
  • Prepares students’ statistics.
  • Prepares students attendance/score sheet list for examinations.
  • Distributes answer booklets for examinations in the University.
  • Provision of CGPAs and verification of academic standing of students to scholarship awarding bodies as directed
  • Distribution of examination malpractice forms.
  • Liaises with the Student Affairs Office for the mobilization of graduating students for the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).
  • Prepares and issues students’ transcripts.
  • Produces students’ population for Convocation and Certificate printing.
  • Issuance of University Degree Certificate.
  • Issuance of clearance form to graduating students on clear standing.
  • Verifying of O’level results of graduating students before final clearance and the issuance of statement of results.
  • Affirmation of students’ status for students’ Loan issuing body as requested.
  • Any other duty as the Registrar may assign from time to time.

Head of Unit: Mrs. Dolefinah Uyakonboghe Akemi

The Establishments Unit is one of the divisions in the Registry Department of the University, it is headed by a Deputy Registrar, who assists the Registrar in the management of Human Resource in the University. The units deals with the employment life span of all employees such as recruitment, posting, promotions, staff training, discipline, reward, compensation, retirement. Custodian of staff records and all other related duties as assigned by the Registrar from time to time.

The Unit is committed to providing effective human resource management by implementing policies, programs and services that contribute to the attainment of the goals and objectives of the University.

Head of Unit: Mrs. Tariere Dabipi

The Council and General Duties Unit is one of the Units in the Registry. The Council Unit is headed by a Council Officer, Mrs. Rita Agonodi, Deputy Registrar.

The Unit is responsible for Council general welfare and administration of Council. These include:

  1. Council Welfare Administration
    • General welfare of members of Council
    • Accommodation
    • Travelling arrangements to and from the University for Council Meetings, Boards, Committees and University business, whenever they so request.
    • Prompt settlement of allowances and fringe benefits
    • Supervision, control and movement of Council cars, fueling and drivers to ensure compliance with the University vehicles.
    • Liaison with the Registrar over travel arrangement for Council members.
    • Such duties that may be assigned from time to time.
  2. General Administration
    • Postal and pottering services
    • General care for Council members/committees
    • Control convenience
    • Liaison Office Guest House Administration.

Duties of schedule officers in Council and General Duties Unit

  • Administrative work relating to functions of the Council.
  • Preparing of Annual Report of COuncil and of Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GPC).
  • Requesting of claims relating to Council Honoraria and Allowances
  • Production of draft minutes and decisions of Council and F&GPC.
  • Indexing of minutes
  • Welfare of Council Members and the use of Council cars
  • Such duties as may be assigned from time to time

Head of Unit: Mrs. Rita Agonodi