Prof. Felicia Edu-Uwem Etim
University Librarian

Library Automation And E-library Services Unit

Responsible for ongoing library automation and training for staff and students. Oversees contract compliance, reviews vendor bills, and recommends new hardware/software upgrades.

Library System Development And Planning Unit

Oversees Staff Development and Training, Budgeting, and Financing, TETFUND Implementation, Resources Management, Collation of Unit Reports and Internally Generated Revenue from the library.

Library Documentation/preservation & Repository Unit

Responsible for FUO Faculty Research Documentation, Students Project Documentation, Institutional Repository Maintenance, Back-up Storage and Preservation

Library Resources Digitization & Bindery Unit

Ensures Digitization of Library Resources, Reprography and Binding of Students Projects

Library Collection Development Unit: Responsible for Collection Assessment by Programmes, Acquisitions (Books, Journals, newspapers, Government Documents, FUO Documents etc., Collation of Book Titles from Faculties and Maintenance of Accessions Register.

Resources Cataloguing & Classification Unit

This unit oversees Systematic organization of Library Resources for easy retrieval, Bibliographic description of Resources, Subject Analysis and Classification of Books, Creation of Metadata and Production of Shelf List. Book End Processing Unit: Responsible for the Attachment of Book Cards, Pocket and Labels, Shelving of New Books, and Weeding of Damaged Books.

OPAC & LAN Maintenance Unit

Takes charge of the implementation and maintenance of Online Public Access  Catalogue (OPAC), Guidance of Library Users on information retrieval using OPAC, Linking Faculties Libraries with OPAC in the Central Library and Ensuring LAN in FUO Libraries.

Library Circulation Services Unit

Responsible for User Registration Procedures, Lending Services Procedures, Daily Shelving and Shelf Reading of Used Books, Statistics of Book usage, User Education, Orientation and Information Literacy Training.

Readers Reference Services Unit

Maintenance of Library Reference Books, Custody of FUO theses and Students Projects, University & Government Publications, Nigeriana & Africana, Abstracting of Research Projects, Theses and Dissertations, Current awareness services to Faculty

Library Serials Maintenance Unit

Maintenance of Periodicals (Journals, Magazines and Newspapers), Indexing of Academic Journals, Preparation of Vertical Files and Newspaper Clipping

Faculty Library Services Unit

Maintenance of Usage statistics for Faculty Libraries, Guidance of Students on use of Library Resources and Facilitating Faculty-Library Relations.